Things i’ve learned from a 6 year old boy

6 01 2010

(note: all of things i learned in the last 10 min)

EVERYTHING is a competition. And i ALWAYS lose.

  • i don’t like mushrooms so i lose
  • I’m not a boy so i lose
  • I’m not in 1st grade, so i lose
  • I played the basketball game by the normal rules, so i lose

I have absolutely no sense of imagination

  • What if you had a magic pencil that could fly and you put it in your pocket???
  • What if your eyeballs were made out of sausage
  • what if you heard a monster growl outside but when you looked it wasn’t there, but when you came inside it was in the bathroom
  • What if you could fly all the way up to heaven without being dead?
  • What if you could eat a super mushroom and grow without anytime at all. Eating a super mushroom makes you go zzzzzzz and then you’re tall

Walking is a terrible way to get from here to there.  it’s much more fun to run, jump, skip, roll, hop, climb, or a combination of all these things.

There are no such things as “inside games” and “outside games”  all indoor games work outside, and all outside games work inside.




2 responses

7 01 2010

It’s evident he comes from an imaginative, creative family!!! : )

8 01 2010

sausage would make me throw up.

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