4 02 2010

Today, i was teaching math (intro to addition… we’re in the big time)  we are working through our practice page together and getting ready to start the last problem with mr. smarty pants announces, ” Miss McGill, I’m already done!”   ( i should mention at this point that i emphasize (often) that i don’t want people working ahead of me because often the instructions differ a little from problem to problem and working ahead usually means you make mistakes)  So i said. Well then, Mr. Smarty pants, (i didn’t actually called him mr. smarty pants, i called him by his name…. but you get the idea).  Do you want to come up here and finish teaching????  He of course said sure.  So i invited him up, FULLY expecting him to look at me like….. uhhhh i don’t know what i’m supposed to say, because i wasn’t paying a bit of attention to you.  Mr. smarty pants comes up full of confidence, picks up my maker and starts TEACHING….. not talking, but TEACHING.  A few kids were whispering a bit, and i said, please don’t be rude to your friend, and they were captivated by their peer teacher.   He asked the right questions…. waited for response, and even called on “whole body listeners.”   So although my plan to show him that he needs to stick with my TOTALLY backfired….. He did a wonderful job, and i think the rest of the class really loved it, and probably learned more than they would have with me.




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4 02 2010

I like this story! It makes me laugh. He did do awesome but so did you, Ms McGill! 🙂

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