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22 02 2010

First thing  this morning, one of my smart little sweeties is being dropped off by her daddy and she tells me, “Daddy is sore today.”  Daddy kinda laughs and stiffly walks away.   Later in class, little sweetie says, “I can’t hug daddy right now, because he had surgery.” …… “oh?” i ask, “is he ok?” …… “yeah,” she said, “he  had the no baby surgery.”   HAHAHA.  gotta love the precious little smarties…… that’s so gonna be elle in kindergarten.




6 responses

22 02 2010

that’s so Elle NOW.

22 02 2010

I love reading your blog Kristi. I try to look at least once a week to see if you have posted anything new.

22 02 2010

oh dear. i don’t even want to think about “kindergarten elle”

22 02 2010

That’s awesome! 🙂

22 02 2010
Danielle Hartsock

That is great.

22 02 2010

Gosh, this will forever make me laugh! I loved this today!

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