i’m running

15 03 2010

about 3 weeks ago i challenged myself to start making my bed in the mornings…… so far i haven’t missed a day and i love it.  And since i was able to more or less conquer this challenge without too much effort, i’m starting my second.

i started a running program today….. it’s supposed to make you decent….. we’ll see.  haha.  it’s a 9 week program and at the end of it you should be running a decent 5k…..  i figured i could talk about it a bit on here and pretend that is gives me some accountability.   so i figure i’ll bore you 6 every now and then with my progress.

Week one Day one

it went pretty well…… my favorite part was about 3/4 the way through when they guy on my podcast says….. you should start to feel the effects of your workout (YES)  but you shouldn’t be tired or out of breath (STINK).   And then on my second to last cycle he says ok…. this one might be tough (YES YES YES)  push through it….. (sigh….. ok).  It wasn’t easy…. but i did it.  here’s to doing it again on wednesday.




3 responses

15 03 2010
Danielle Hartsock

Good luck! I want to start running too. Maybe I should blog about it to make me accountable. That is a good idea!

15 03 2010

yay! good for you!

16 03 2010

Good for you! 🙂 I think I’m most impressed about the made bed thing.

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