Day of Rest

16 03 2010

I’m supposed to take today off from running to rest…… but i really wanted to do something else on my off days to mix it up a bit….. i really want to yoga, but since i don’t have a yoga dvd and i do have widsor pilates….. that’s what i decided to do.  (i did put a shout out to my good friend prissy peach and her mad yoga skills….. but i didn’t get her response in time to change it up)  So pilates it is for today….. only when i got home from work (after going to the bank and running to logan’s school to pick up his missed work, then getting gas)  I had a ton of stuff to work on with the kid….. about the time that his mommy got home i recieved a phone call from my mommy asking me to go to joe and kels for dinner and hang out with the girls (i can’t say no to that….. plus joe was grilling….. easy yes)  after some great food and company, and watching elle learn how to hop on one leg (she’s basically a mini me….. ridiculously verbal for her age….. terribly uncoordinated) we headed out about 8:45….. no problem… i’m home a little later than anticipated but still time to plug in some pilates before bed time.  On the way home we decide that since tomorrow is st. patty’s day, we need to stop at SnS and get the fixins for corned beef and cabbage…. unfortunately SnS was out of corned beef…. soooooo we made ANOTHER stop at walmart.  SUCCESS. Now it’s after 10 and i’m just getting home…… but i am determined!!!! It’s day two, i’m not slacking already!  Life will always happen, we might as well push through…… or compromise.   I did the 20 min workout instead of the hour….. but hey…. i got those muscles moving!   And now i’m sitting on my nice (made) bed.  Running tomorrow….. hope my legs aren’t too stiff.




One response

18 03 2010

by the way….. the adventure through SnS and Walmart were worth it… supper Wednesday was yummy!

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