17 03 2010

Today after school, Logan was in the bathroom doing his business when he yells from the rest room-

L-Aunt Kristi!!!!!! i neeeeed tOOOIIIlet paper!!!

Me-  hang on a sec… on my way ( i went to get a new roll from the closet, but there was a stack of towels on top of the rolls so it took me a second)…. as i was pulling the roll out of the closet….

L- Come ooooooooonnnnnnnnn!!!!  NOW!

as i open the door and set the roll on the counter i say…. You should probably try saying please

L- Please isn’t the password, the password is Logan is awesome!

(at this point i had to shut the door because i don’t want him to see me cracking up)

Me-  well… that’s not my password

L- you’re password is aunt kristi is boring!!!

Me-(sucking in my smile and opening the door) well maybe you should try again (and i took the roll off the counter and took it out with me and walked away)

L- HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!……………………….. aunt kristi, will you please bring me some toilet paper

Me (opening the door and putting it on counter)  sure. (smile)

L- thanks aunt kristi

(i win)

on a side note…. today was my running day….. and i REALLY didn’t want to run. REALLY REALLLY.  my legs were pretty stiff today.  BUT i went.  i’ve stretched a ton, and i’m not less sore…. but i did it.  and it might have been a little easier than it was on monday. maybe.  big maybe.  but i did it. blah.




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