not a new habit

18 03 2010

just because i can do it doesn’t mean it should be a new habit……making my bed, yes.  running…. trying to make it a habit.  today my alarm didn’t go off and i woke up at 7:17am. i took a shower, fixed my hair, put on make-up fixed my lunch on top of all the necessities, and still made it to work 2min early….. which by the way is at 7:38am except it was really 7:36 because the clock at school is 2min fast.  that means from waking up to walking in the door at work was 19min.  the password should be kristi is awesome.  although i’m not making it a habit.  it stressed me out bad.

BTW. my house is all march madness….. until a little later it’s yoga central.




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