all worked up and nowhere to spit

22 03 2010

Today was the 1st day of week 2 of my couch to 5k endeavor.  last week in between a 5min warm-up/cool-down i had 8 cycles of running 60 seconds with a 90 second brisk-walk recovery.  This week in between my up/downs i have 6 cycles of 90 seconds running and a 2 min recovery.  It wasn’t HORRIBLE. (it wasn’t good, i didn’t enjoy it…. but i didn’t want to die).  I feel like i cheated a little as i usually run outside, but today i just did it in the basement.  It took me a couple of min to find a natural feeling stride….. but once i did, it wasn’t bad…. there are for sure some pros to doing it at home… but some cons too…. for instance…

  • Pro-  no one has to see you
  • Con- the folks probably didn’t appreciate my guttural groaning in my last cycle
  • Pro- it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing or what time of day it is…. i can still run
  • Con- It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing or what time of day it is….I can still run
  • Con- When you’re just moving up and down and not so much forward, i can feel all the parts moving that shouldn’t be moving.
  • Pro- I don’t have to run against the wind
  • Con- no breeze to keep me cool
  • Pro- my legs don’t get cold so i don’t get all red and splotchy and itchy.
  • Con- since i’m not getting cold…. i just sweat extra
  • Pro-i can sit my water right next to me and grab a sip without having to carry it when i run
  • Con- there’s no where to spit…. seriously where does all the mucus suddenly come from when i start running….. positively ridiculous
  • Pro- I feel like i should end on a positive note…. i don’t have anything else to say.  OH OH pro- i ran.



2 responses

23 03 2010

i love this.
eventually you will be very proud of yourself…i promise.
AND you’ll start feeling it in your bod 🙂

good job, krist-off!

yep, the spit…seriously.

24 03 2010

pro…… very proud of you

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