middle school

27 09 2010

today i subbed in middle school.  have i ever mentioned that middle schoolers are not my favorite??? they aren’t.  So much angst and attitude. uhg.  I can relate to Mrs. Thompson’s sentiment of only wanting to teach juniors and seniors….   After taking a cell phone away from a girl, i was talking about why she was getting it taken away when her buddy sitting next to her pulled out her phone to text…. SERIOUSLY????  so dumb.  And then they of course get all angry and attitudey with me, because CLEARLY, it was my fault they lost their phones.  But you know….  i wasn’t all mean…. i gave the girls advice before heading to the principal’s office.  I said…. before you go, let me give you some advice…. ( and since i was in the room as a push in teacher and mrs. spihlman was the real sub) she says…. ooo everyone listen, this will be good…… so i tell them…. listen up ladies, i’ve known Mr. McGill for quite some time… and here’s how it works…. he’s not gonna play your game,  so you might as well play his.  When he gets on ya about having your phones, don’t roll your eyes, and don’t make up an excuse, he knows them all better than you.  Say yes sir, I’m sorry, you’re right, or just listen and he will be MUUUUCH easier on you… 100% of the time.  You’ll still get what you earn…. but you won’t get any extra. Have fun!  haha. (that last part might have been said a little patronizingly).   So….. i guess middle school isn’t ALL bad.  They do get my humor…. AND i can say things like…. get up off of your rusty dusty and get to work….. a definite plus.




4 responses

27 09 2010

Well on of ’em got the message for sure but the other one just couldn’t stand it and let an eye roll slip!!! lol!


27 09 2010

hope you don’t mind i’m giving out secrets. =)

27 09 2010

Oh, subbing in middle school…my personal favorite is “Put on your big boy pants!,” as said to freshman boys. I might steal the rusty dusty comment, if you don’t mind. 🙂

28 09 2010

all good teachers encourage stealing. =)

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