middle school part 2

7 10 2010

I’ve been in 8th grade the last two days…. and overall, it’s been pretty enjoyable… don’t get me wrong…. i’m not jumping ship, but i didn’t want to stab myself in the eye with a red hot poker, or an ice pick….. sooooo i’m not complaining…… i didn’t have to take away any cell phones, i only had to tell 3/4 of the students to put away their hoodies in the first hour of the first day before they quit trying to pretend they didn’t know that rule, only sent one student to the office, and i although i took away about 8 notes and doodle pages the first day, i only had to take away 2 the second day.  However, i did learn…. or was reminded a thing or two about middle schoolers.

1. when boys are trying to be “funny” and when you’re using perfume as an example of diffusion, they will try to make you mad by talking about farts instead….. if you tell them that’s a good example and go with it (because secretly you were kinda thinking it too) you win, and kiddos are putty in your hands.

2. no matter the context in which you are speaking…. even if it comes straight from the text book, you cannot under any circumstance say “limp” and “firm” in the same sentence to 8th graders.  oopsies.




One response

19 10 2010
Ryan A. Palenske I

haha… limp…. firm… together… in the same sentence… HeHe… i loved middle school! and we had some pretty good times in Mrs. T’s class… but Mr. McGill was one of my teachers… not my principal… but somehow i feel that Mr Gray is heavily responsible for the election of Obama… Jerk…

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