middle school part 3

19 10 2010

last time in science i learned you can never say firm and limp in the same sentence to 8th graders….. today i got to teach about sexual and asexual reproduction….. i was excited…. uhg.

luckily the students were supposed to read and do a study guide on their own so i didnt’ have to teach it to the whole class…. but in the middle of class i had one girl who was pretty confused ask me to explain the difference…. and when i got done, i summarized by saying… sexual reproduction is with 2 organisms and asexual is with 1.   and her response was… oh, so asexual is when you’re doing it by yourself????  The rest of the class died laughing, and i turned about 12 shades of red, i’m sure…. uhg, middle school.




One response

22 10 2010
Nikki D.

LMAO, how funny!!!

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