the womanly art of being crazy

14 01 2011

i’m pretty sure that i am mastering it right now….. i am all over the place.  and i kinda love it, but i’m pretty sure i hate it. see. crazy.

i’m inspired by amazing people and great music and good books, and ideas, and dreams, and MY CREATOR…. seriously, have you seen his handy work lately???

i’m annoyed by the radio…. except for xm51, it loves me this week….. and my lameness, and my knee and my ever-injured thumb, thick-headed people who i sometimes can’t believe the things they say or do….. not noticing the plank in my eye

i’m cracking up at everything. seriously…. why is everyone so funny this week???  and i cry at everything…. this isn’t so new… well the laughing isn’t either…. but i’m doing both. a. lot. annoying.

I feel like i’m right on the cusp of something kinda awesome, and in the next breath i feel stuck and hopeless…… although i think that’s kinda normal…. it’s hard not to see the such a wretch as I when THE COMPARISON is so—- words words words words——

i want to walk in the cold and let the air burn my lungs and i want to dance and sing and climb trees and sit in my big date chair under a lamp and read and write and ponder and wonder and dream.  watch the clouds and the stars and tell silly stories and giggle and wiggle and play…. aaahhhhh.  seriously. i’m crazy right now.





2 responses

17 01 2011

I love crazy you.

I tooted the whole time I typed that. Now who’s crazy?

17 01 2011

love this.
your words are honest & full of emotion, meaning & life … the best kind there are.

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