The one when it snowed

20 01 2011

Today my legs and arms and back are sore from trudging, and shoveling, and digging, and climbing, and unburying, and rolling in the perfect powder of a winter’s day.  Being grown up is just not an option on a day like today….

I think the excitement of childhood on snow covered days even got to padre today

“it’s ok if you finish it off!!!”

———- i think he might like snow days as much as i do

After digging out the cars, the driveway, and the neighbor’s driveway, and i mean dig…. can you find Lola??







it was off to sled

with the nephew and sister……..

there wasn’t an inch of me not covered in snow by the end… and my hair was frozen to my hat

Seriously, how can you not love outings that end like this???


And what’s a snow day without hot chocolate???


Gotta love that silly boy and his chocolate stache



my grungy snow and hat matted hair is pretty awesome too!

blow on it, it’s hot!











“I like to walk on fresh fallen snow
The kind that whispers and speaks.
It sings a song as I walk along
With crackles and scrunches and squeaks.”

Ogen Nash

I hope you’re enjoying your winter wonderland today!!





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