21 02 2011

i suppose this is the obligatory valentines day post a week late….. it seems that there are two camps plastered all over valentines day….. it’s a wonderful day to be by nauseatingly mushy about that special someone….. or it’s a day with weeping and gnashing of teeth (i always want to spell gnashing with a silent k instead of a silent g but i digress)  i whole heartedly disagree with both camps.  I love valentines day, and i always have, whether i have a sweet squeeze or not.  I LOVE love. and i love that valentines day is a whole day when people are conscious of it.  People think about the people in their lives that are amazing and all the things they do for them.  AND are compelled to DO something to SHOW their love and gratitude.

as Christians isnt’ that what we’re called to everyday??? to LOVE. lavishly, unselfishly, feeling free to cry with those we love and rejoice in their triumphs…. even when it shines lights on our failures.  bearing with one another. believing in one another. HOPE in each other and for each other.  it should never end.

Be intentional…. do something…… show some love….. go crazy…..

for GOD is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and ABOUNDING in steadfast love.  psalm 145:8

ABOUNDING!!!!  like knock your socks off, blow you over, shock, and astonish with love….. and then when you pick your body and jaw up off the floor, you realize that the love is still (and even more) abounding, and the bewilderment, dumbfounded flabbergastedness just starts all over again….

lets go for a little of that…. not just on valentines day ( a week late ) but every day,





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