Growing out of creativity

25 02 2011

“Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once they grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

Today i saw a video talking about this famous quote.  Children have this amazing ability to answer questions or give ideas that don’t fit. — you know—- kids say the darndest things…… and we chalk it up to their cuteness, their naivety, their ignorance, their silliness, etc. etc. etc. …….. But we shouldn’t forget that they also aren’t afraid to be wrong.

Probably the best high school history teacher of all times always used to challenge us to, “step out on the learning limb”

He said you had to go out there from time to time to really learn something….. Somehow by highschool, we had all forgotten how to not be afraid of being wrong.  How to take a chance.  How to stretch ourselves.

If we are too afraid to be wrong, we can never come up with a new and fresh idea

we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it.

take a chance.  maybe make a huge blunder.  maybe look a little foolish.  maybe be super wrong. maybe inspire change. inspire learning. insprire discovery.




2 responses

25 02 2011

it’s so true. as soon as we realize our vulnerability, we withdraw. it’s sad that it has to take great risk and courage to be creative as an adult. i think about this a lot when i see 4 yr olds dressed as princesses in the grocery store and wonder why it’s so adorable when she does it and sooooo not if i did.

and while that’s actually a really humorous mental picture — seriously. why do we hold such different standards?

25 02 2011

i think the same thing about….. what is the age when boys stop wearing sheets, towels, pillowcases, and capes…… and why does that have to happen?

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