youth week with the nazzies

7 03 2011

This week was youth week at the roxana nazarene church.  I didn’t get the opportunity to be apart of much of it…. which is a little disappointing, it’s quite inspiring.  The youth are all called to help lead worship and teach sunday school classes.  Even the adult classes are taken over by the youth.  It’s a great time for the students to grow and for the adults to be blessed too.   Friday night, the kiddos took a trip to the city museum, and i tagged a long.  I spent most of my night chasing after big kid number 1, mike toolen, and big kid number 2, brown.  At one point mike found this little hole going through about a foot thick concrete wall and tried to fit through it…. unfortunately his shoulders were too wide…. or kamal was like… oh my shoulders won’t fit either lets give it a try…. nope, no dice.  So i said. my shoulders will fit through there… and they did. I was shoulder through lickity split…. but then i thought… oh yeah, i’m a girl, my shoulders aren’t the widest part of me…. that would be my hips.  and once i was through to my waist getting either direction was pretty tough….. mike, being the gentleman that he is, helped me out without making fun of me… recorded it and added it to the youth week video for church on sunday. And since you all want to see it….. here is is….. the whole video is pretty great…. but if you don’t have time to watch and just want to see me in all my stuckness, skip to the 6:10 area.





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