The New Simon Says

13 03 2011

Today in church, we watched this video from francis chan.  He talks about how crazy it is that we will talk to death about what Jesus says to do. We will study it, learn it, memorize it, but we don’t actually DO IT.  Simply put…. huge idea. watch it after the break.  (i don’t actually know what that means, but i see big blogging masters say it all the time)




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13 03 2011

i love this. no, i mean i Love this. with a capital L for emphasis.

and just thoughts: when jesus says drop your fishing nets and follow me …. i shouldn’t have to conform that verse into what is happening in my life so i can relate to that statement … i need to find the place where jesus is leading … and GO. there.

such a simple concept. very hard. but simple.

thank you for this.

14 03 2011

let me study this in Greek and I will get back to you…. jk. love this! and love you! God has a mighty work for you my beautiful daughter… let the wings of your heart fly wide open.

14 03 2011
Mrs. B.

I’ve seen this sermon before…so good.
Kind of funny that you link to it today b/c our pastor just referenced it in his sermon on sat night.
🙂 Glad to have found your blog…I’ll have to follow now!

14 03 2011
Debbie Woods

I am reading this book right now. I know that I am behind times BUT God’s love is never behind. Thanks for the video!

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