I’m a what?

15 03 2011

The tutoring center has been open for roughly 9 months, and we have just entered stage 2.  The last few weeks, we have been gaining new students by the truckload.  We feel very blessed to be so busy, but at the same time, it’s starting to get overwhelming, and we aren’t able to give our students and parents a lot of choices on times…. it’s kinda like, i have one spot where i can put your student, does that work???  soooo……. we have just hired a couple of new tutors.  one in particular is very excited to start working with us to build her resume…and i have a few thoughts.

  • how is it that we’ve gotten so busy so fast…. this is crazy
  • how is it that i have become an employer…. this is crazy
  • how is it that someone thinks of me as a “resume builder”…… that is crazy

overall….. i feel that we are very blessed…. and i’m so thankful for all the prayers and encouragement we have received from friends and family.  KEEP EM COMIN!!! and i’m also really excited about the reaction and welcoming we have gotten from the community, because they are ultimately the people that we want to serve.




2 responses

15 03 2011

yes! congrats! so bosslady, what’s your next move?

15 03 2011

I’m so proud of you girls….your hard work and dedication is paying off!!! Big hugs and kisses… 🙂

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