half full

7 05 2011

life is always better when looking through rose colored glasses…. sometimes you need a little pink tenting in your life….. so here is a list of the upside of the last week or so.

  • dinner and a movie with the SD
  • getting a world traveling sweatshirt from my namesakes university
  • catching my first bass…. and holding my first fish (although i no longer have photographical proof that this happened….. it did…. can i get that proof again???…. and unhooking my first fish all by myself. (this is a big deal people)
  • Having my favorite doc cure me of a few weeks of the worst pain of my life.
  • spending time with said doc
  • 4th grade students that make me laugh
  • not winning at any card game i ever play…. but getting to play is the best anyway….. i beat the one i like to beat .
  • wise words and gentle conversations from people i love and respect
  • attending probably the most exciting baseball game i’ve ever seen live….. 22 outs of perfect baseball ain’t too shabby…. and to boot i got to see it with my brother who i’m pretty sure i haven’t hung out with alone in at least a year…. NOT COOL!  He’s a good one.
  • fishing twice in one week. a girl could get used to that….. and finishing up fishing with roma’s pizza….. on a WEEKDAY!
  • buying and quickly giving away 3 new bouncy balls….. i’m pretty sure the guy that made up, it’s better to give than to receive, learned this when giving away bouncy balls.
  • Easter and Mother’s day all rolled into one makes for a full day of giggles and playfulness with kids.  Plus all the neighborhood boys came over to join the fun.  Why are muddy, sweaty boys with pockets full of rocks and walnuts the cutest??? Not to mention opening the pool and the first cranked ice cream of the year.
  • a brand new macbook, courtesy of iLEARN tutoring center
  • The most exciting 2 min in sports
  • putting in a dollar to get my soda and getting 4 quarters back
  • hugs and smooches and cuddles from the cutest girls i know
  • hisses and growls burps and farts from the cutest boy i know (they’re pretty much mean the same as hugs and smooches from the girls)

see look at that. it’s been a pretty good week.




One response

9 05 2011

this is good. very good 🙂

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