am i cursed?

13 05 2011

Tonight, i saw a seemingly mindless movie with some friends.  it’s funny how sometimes when seeing silly movies you get smacked in the face with spiritual truths….. And with a little bit of fear of sounding like a stuff christians like post….. let me tell you what i got while watching Thor…. yeah you heard me, keep your sniggering to yourself.

There comes a part in the story when we discover the dicey past of thor’s brother… and 2nd in line to become king.  When this realization is made, he turns to his father, the king, and asks, “Am i cursed?”…. his father quickly replies a simple no… but the son continues, “Then what am i?” and the Father says, “You are my son.”  In that moment of the story, you see the love of a father for a son, and that it doesn’t matter what he was or what he has done, he his simply a son and is well loved.

This son may not have taken the comfort he should have in those simple words, but how often am i the same way?  When God looks at me, He doesn’t see what i once was, or all of the mistakes I am currently making, He sees daughter.  And He loves.  How often do i not believe Him? How often do i continue to try and do it my own way?  How often am i willing to turn my back on Him?  I am glad that no matter what i’ve done, or will do, God will continually say to me, “You are not cursed, I got conquered that curse with death that couldn’t contain me, you are simply my daughter, and I love you.”




4 responses

14 05 2011

i love this 🙂 great post!

14 05 2011
Debbie Woods

you are well loved by many people, and very MUCH LOVED by God!

14 05 2011
Tammy Iskarous

Wow.. All that from a Thor movie…. love the daughter you are…

25 05 2011
a shine of rainbows. | Stepanana's Stumbles

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