sunday shorts

6 06 2011
  • sometimes you teach an elementary sunday school lesson, and it has a mind of its own and becomes the lesson you needed to hear.
  • you should always wear sunscreen to day games even tho you “know” your seats are in the shade…. sometimes they aren’t. oops
  • ripping off bandaids quick is the way to go…. literally and figuratively
  • winning at cards is really fun…. but it’s going to become more difficult without cho spoon feeding me everything i need, much to his disgust.
  • no matter how many times you tell yourself after chopping jalapenos not to touch your face. you will touch your face
  • Even after washing your hands multiple times, rubbing your eye is still not a good idea
  • sitting in the blistering sun for hours and sweating all of your fluids out is totally worth it for a walk off in bonus baseball
  • Laura is my favorite woods….. she makes me want to bake.



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