THE grandma

9 06 2011
no one loves like a grandma can.  a short list of things i love and miss on her first birthday in heaven.
  •  a watermelon for supper, but not having any left for supper because you ate the whole thing with your granddaughter in the afternoon.
  • waking up to the sound of crackling bacon and the smell of made to order eggs every time you spend the night
  • glass bottle milk
  • holding the hand of a young girl, afraid to sleep alone
  • answering the phone with a yellow and getting off with a mmmmmbye
  • hun is the only term of endearment needed
  • letting it be known you’ve been by with a couple of crumpled dollar bills and half of  little debbie snack cake left on a pillow
  • a love for the opry, hee haw, and y&r
  • calves of steel that no naughty child can escape
  • saving all the little cups of ice cream from delivered lunches to be ready for entertaining
  • a never ending supply of crumpled, pocket, gently used tissues
  • that little smirk and twinkle from shared secrets
  • knowing dinner isn’t served til the bread is on the table, even if it is slices of wonder
  • spending afternoons teaching grandchildren the three r’s before they start school
  • not wanting to be the bad guy, so threatening the gkids with a certain aunt….. and knowing it would work even with said aunt half a world away
  • never ever tiring of go fish or candy land
  • always having change around and available for trips to the drug store for candy



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9 06 2011


10 06 2011
Dad (Butch)

You forgot!…..Bringing a little boy into the world who grew up to be the Best Daddy in the Whole Wide World!!!


11 06 2011

An awesome tribute to your grandma!!!

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