Shel knows just what to say….

6 12 2011


I’m working on it


without further adieu

20 09 2011

it’s official. and it was unanimous

Fill in the Blank

29 08 2011

Today was my first day with actual……. at my new……. It won’t be official until the 3rd tuesday in the month after this one. So i can’t give details yet……. but assume that the blogging will improve.  I’ve just gained material.

get up get up get your body in motion….

17 08 2011

are you singing? dancing? both?  you should be….. here’s a fun little video to get you through your hump day!

good news, these guys are available to do your wedding.

Dear God

10 08 2011

Remember all of those angry journal entries? And all those times i yelled at you?  There’s a chance you might know what you’re doing.  Sorry i’m not very patient.  You’re a lotta bit awesome.  Thanks a bundle.




8 08 2011

When will Americans have the courage to to present the Gospel. And not the American, what can i get out of it version?  When will be able to say I worship God because HE IS GOD….. not because he does this for me, or that for me….. but just because he IS. HE IS…..

Pretty intense video from John Piper.

dashing in the dark

21 06 2011

Out of necessity last night, i ran after 10pm and found it to be a totally different experience from running in the day time…. some notes:

Pro: there’s no one around to see you huffing a sweating

Con: there’s no one around to see you if you pass out and drown in a puddle of your own vomit

Pro: you don’t have the glaring sun beating down on you

Con: you can’t blame your profuse sweating on the glaring sun beating down on you

Pro: Bullfrogs and Crickets sound much better than moaning and groaning

Con: bullfrogs and crickets think it’s funny to jump in front of you and watch you dance to miss them

Pro: you can count steps by how long it takes you to make it around the corner to where the light it

Con: when you reach the light you have to dodge kamikaze moths