long night

19 10 2009

due to the changing of the season, we’ve got some mouse issues.  I’ve been hearing the pitter patter of little feet above my head in the drop ceiling (delightful let me tell ya).  So, Judy insisted on putting a couple of traps in the ceiling…. to which i was not a fan.  I just imagined being awakened by the snap and little mouse squealing.  (Less than an ideal wake up call).  But of course i lost…. so when i came home and came down to my room, to my horor i found not only were the traps set, but the tile was left open with the trap right on the edge…… see….


All i could picture was an unlucky mouse finding the trap about 2 am and being awaken not only by the snap and squeak, but by the trap flipping and landing on the floor right next to my bed…..  unfortunately, i thought too much about this, and spent all night being woke up by dreams where not only did the mouse flip to the floor….. but it bounced off the bedside table and onto my bed, or just skipped the table and landed right on my face.  My favorite was when the snapping trap evolved into someone knocking on my window……. needless to say…. it was a long night.

oh… and we didn’t catch a mouse.




One response

19 10 2009

he’s up there. lurking. waiting. ready to make his move. tonight. maybe. perhaps tomorrow night. but when he’s ready … there’s no stopping him…

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